Be All That You Can't Be!


Alliance NH currently runs two campaigns

Videa is a low level campaign, level cap in place makes this a great opportunity for new players and alternative characters alike

Cinderfel is a campaign focused on reconnecting with lost cultures, exploring a vast ecosystem and investigating mysteries. While this realm has its challenges and puzzles, the oddity and uniqueness is sure to intrigue you. Creative design, humorous story lines, and cryptic puzzles will make players of all levels feel included.

The Isle is a subset Campaign geared specifically for new players. There is a scaling level cap to allow new players to experience the game at a slower more manageable pace while learning the rules and getting comfortable with their new characters. The world has it's own story line that players can dig deep into with plot elements that will be shared with the other NH Campaigns. 

Events will be mostly Faire Days held on Saturday and will be episodic in Nature. 
Players may choose character backgrounds from any NH Campaign.
Character Plot and Plot lines formed in this game will continue into the appropriate Campaign with the characters.

Schedule 2022

Two Day Events:
Cinderfel: May 20th - 22nd (Will use 2.1 Beta Packet Rules & Deaths will not be counted)
Cinderfel: July 15th - 17th (Will use 2.1 Beta Packet Rules & Deaths will not be counted)
Cinderfel: September 23rd - 25th
The Isle: October 28th - 30th

One Day Events:
The Isle: June 18th
The Isle: July 23rd
The Isle: August 6th
The Isle: September 3rd


Pre-Registration pricing cuts off the Saturday before the event, cost Sunday-Event day is "Door Price"



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General Contact: Dustin S
Logistics: Adam C
New Player Contact: Adam C
Head of Rules: Albert L
Donations: Ren W
Web Master: Nick W